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Watchmen Stuff over at The Hog’s Head

I’ve started a series of posts on Watchmen at Travis Prinzi’s site in anticipation of the movie.  The novel is such a complex piece of fiction that I’ve decided to tackle it in installments by analyzing the characters.  After all, the book is a character study as much as anything.  

If you’re a fan, please check out my posts and offer feedback!  I make no claims to expertise in comics (or anything, for that matter); so, your thoughts would be most welcome!

In Harry Potter related news, there’s also footage from an Australian news program giving a two and half minute series of clips from the Half-Blood Prince movie — and it looks frikkin’ awesome!


Watchmen Motion Comic

Warner Bros. is set to release the details on something they’re calling “motion comics” during Comic-Con this weekend.  They have taken a few marquis DC titles and added barebones animation to the panels in some already existing graphic novels, and they will be available sometime after the convention.  Interestingly enough, the first title to receive the treatment is Watchmen.  If you go to this link, you can download the first episode for free, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Visually, it’s an arresting experience.  The limited animation to already existing comic panels does work well.  The one bone to pick is that all the narration/dialogue is carried by one individual, like a recording for a book.  In one sense, I like this because it helps the narrative retain the feel of a book.  Yet, in some instances, the single voice is a distinct drawback.  His voicing of Laurie/Silk Spectre is pretty absurd.  I’ll be curious to hear how the rest plays out.