Perfect Example of Glenn Beck’s “Logic”

24 September 2009 4 comments

Seriously dude. You’re basing your political reasoning on demonstrating an old wive’s tale that most of us in Kentucky know is bunk.

Can we put this douchebag and Michael Moore in the same padded cell, please? This is the perfect example of what I was talking about here.

(HT to Andrew Sullivan)

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12 September 2009 7 comments

I’m trying to invoke the spirit of Homer on this one. It’s too wearying to watch this “discussion” take place. And it only makes me want to watch football.

After only checking a few stories on the three major news networks’ websites this evening, I’m glad I managed to miss most mentions of today’s protests. As my good friend, Travis Prinzi, says, “Everyone is lying” about healthcare to one degree or another. I quit being bothered by the debate a while ago, because it really isn’t a debate. As Obama’s address to Congress showed, it has only become a matter of one side unable to put forth a clear message while the other side thinks “clear” means screaming at the top of its lungs. I couldn’t figure why I was seeing all the signs that would, in the same sentence, equate Obama with a fascist, a socialist, and a Communist. None of those things can co-exist with the other. But then I realized that for anyone throwing those terms out there (whatever their political affiliation), the words are no more than synonymous with “not free.”

Instead, I find myself rather worried at the moment. Read more…

Now I have two homes and a time share…

Virtually speaking, anyway.  I have this blog, my new ODU blog, and Travis is nice enough to let me play around in The Hog’s Head.  Now, I have to admit, I’m a little unsure of what to do with this place…  The gaming and research stuff I’ve posted here in the past will now take place over at the new ODU site.  Outside of movie reviews and the occasional post on politics, I don’t talk about much else around here.  Harry Potter content is pretty exclusive to THH.

Anyone have suggestions about what to do?  Think I should just move everything over?  Or do you have suggestions for things to talk about here?

And the crappy thing is that I finally found a theme that I really like here…  Oooohhh, the irony!

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My New blog for Old Dominion

Check it here.  The URL is

Over time, much of my gaming and media thoughts will move to the new site.  I haven’t decided if I’ll try to export the stuff already here over.

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District 9 Review

photo_05_hiresIf you pay attention to movies or movie reviews, then you’ve heard of District 9 at some point in the last month or so.  Its marketing campaign was conceived and executed virally, taking advantage of its themes of paranoia and false perception to promote the film (check out it’s home website to explore all the online media convergence).  The marketing worked, creating buzz for a movie whose ambitions stretched a bit further than its now famous $30 million dollar budget (which wouldn’t cover the salaries of some films’ two lead actors).

I won’t recap the film’s genesis.  Doing a little Google searching will fill you in on the details concerning Peter Jackson, a Halo movie, and some controversy over Blomkamp as the chosen director.  For our purposes here, only one thing from that saga need concern us: this is Blomkamp’s first feature film.  He’s made a name in small formats.  But, Jackson is the first to hand a full-length feature over to Blomkamp.  The man can do quite a bit with a comparatively small budget. If last year saw the comic book superhero film elevated to far more than the sum of its parts, this year will be remembered because District 9 made great leaps towards recovering the sci-fi film from Michael Bay and George Lucas (oh George, what have you wrought…?).  But while good, District 9 doesn’t quite transcend its genre conventions. Read more…

Me and Harry Potter


518U0hgW4LL._SL500_AA240_See that?  It’s an anthology kids, one dedicated to Harry Potter.  And your’s truly has an essay in it.  I’m psyched because the essay was a culmination of a lot of work, and this anthology has been in the pipeline for a while from Zossima Press.

It’s edited by my good friend at The Hog’s Head, Travis Prinzi — who has his own well received HP related book available, as well.

Several other authors of fine talent and scholarship have work in the anthology as well.  It is well worth the read.

Click the image to go to Amazon and buy it when it becomes available!

Thanks go out to both Travis and Bob Trexler, Zossima’s managing editor, for their hard work on the book.  Their help definitely made my work far better than it was.

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra Review


I picked this instead of the movie poster for obvious reasons.

Since Pierce Brosnan exited the James Bond movies, leaving the reigns of the UK’s greatest gadget-lovin’ superspy to Daniel Craig, Bond has become a leaner, meaner machine who relies more on his hands and his body’s ability to take punishment.  Have you wondered what happened to all the high tech gizmos Q has surely been developing while Bond batters the baddies with his fists?  Apparently, GI Joe hired him, sent him to Egypt, and gave him a budget that probably caused the world economic crisis while he sucked up R&D dollars like you wouldn’t believe. The only way the plot in this movie makes sense is if the gadgetry exists.  I mean, Ripcord does manage to fly from Moscow to Washington DC in about ten minutes.  Read more…